King Kong Live is the live e-sports platform, let streamers express themselves here. We hope that through King Kong Live, streamers will be closer to the audience.

金剛直播是遊戲實況平台,我們專注讓遊戲實況主在平台上表現自己最好的一面。我們期望透過金剛直播 APP,拉近實況主與觀眾之間的距離。
UI/UX Designer
UI, UX, Interaction, Research, Style Guide
Summer 2019 (1 mos)
The Challenge
Since the mobile game market growing really fast in recent years, more and more streamers start to focus on mobile game streaming. In addition, the team found that the viewers’ watching behavior is different from the past so we faced several problems
1. How to let the streamer live stream on the mobile phone?
2. How to let the audience watch the game live stream instantly?
3. How to let the audience donated the streamer that they like?

. 如何讓實況主直接用手機直播
. 如何讓觀眾可以即時收看遊戲直播
. 如何讓觀眾送禮物給實況主
In order to understand the insights of why people favor watching others playing games, our team began to analyze and research all the game streaming products on the market.

Related app for live stream

As a result of our research, we defined the feature into three groups: must have, should have, and Don't need now. This is important things that help our team to understand our priorities.

Prioritizing Features

Based on user flow was developed wireframes


Design Goal

Dark Mode
Our team found that the dark mode can highlight the live stream more. In addition, the dark mode can indeed reduce the power of mobile.
Stream game on mobile
Streamers can live game stream on mobile at any time through the KingKong App
實況主可以透過 KingKong App,不受裝置限制,隨時可以開播。
Responsive Stream Room
King Kong App supports responsive orientation most users prefer to watch lives with the device-oriented horizontally while accompanying real-time chat and interaction.
Interact with streamer
The audience can send gifts to the streamer to increase the popularity of the streamer.
Style Guide

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